TraveLyne Goes to Kew Gardens

What they say about it being cold and grey in London is unfortunately true.  So when good weather arrives at your door, grab it by the neck and head out!  This I did last Sunday when London experienced a really great bout of sun.  It was also my first trip to anywhere besides the city itself – also because I have been so uber busy!

Kew Gardens is a mere 40 minutes away from the city by tube, and an easy walk thereafter from the station to the Victoria Gate entrance.  A UNESCO Heritage Site, it is a vast open space littered with flora and fauna, and a Victorian glasshouse that used to be the biggest in the world.

I enjoyed the afternoon tremendously, simply wandering about, which in my humble opinion, is the best way to explore the gardens.

See that shy little one!

A flower for my heart.

Pretty autumn colours! In awe!

The birds that were so cute.

Let's go, they're not gonna feed us!

Poetry in munching.

Palm House.

Fall fun.

Having a rest.

Play of light.

Pretty glass structure.

Walk with me.


Once the world's largest Victorian glasshouse - the Temperate House.

Puppy love?

All the fallen leaves. How pretty.

Xstrata Treetop Walkway....climbed and climbed and climbed all the way up!

So I walked and walked and walked. Was I tired? Nah. The weather was too pleasant and a good pair of wellies helped!

Time to go home! Bye bye Kew Gardens!

Thoroughly enjoyed Kew Gardens. What a day! You should go too!

Always love,


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